Automotive Association Of Myanmar Automotive Association Of Myanmar



To standardize and develop a proper Automotive Industry in Myanmar while integrating within the ASEAN region.


AAM partnering with Government and Industry as the key to developing the automotive industry in Myanmar.


To display and sell imported International standard brand new automobiles suitable for Myanmar roads, while ensuring vehicles are maintained to manufacturer environmental and safety standards.

To reduce current accidents and deaths due to unsafe automobiles by undertaking responsibility for “ After sale services” and “regular services” for brand new automobiles.

To raise financial income of the State with correct taxation for brand new automobiles imported with accurate prices.

To protect customers rights by selling brand new cars with warranties, and providing genuine after sales parts and service support for the vehicle lifetime, which will reduce losses due to aged unsafe and poor environmental standard vehicles.

To promote the use of brand new automobiles which produce much lower levels of pollution, to improve air and environment quality and support the health of Myanmar people.


Founded on 14 September 2014.